Sicilian Defence -Through the Eyes of Bobby Fischer (Part Two)


Hey Guys, Here is the second installment of “Sicilian Defence -Through the Eyes of Bobby Fischer” which I hope will teach you how the great player Bobby Fischer approached the Sicilian and dealt with whites various plans. This post will

Sicilian Defence -Through the Eyes of Bobby Fischer (Part One)


Hey guys, The Sicilian Defence is one of the most popular chess openings there is, being played in a huge percentage of top level games because it gives black the chance to have a sharp game and fight from the

How to Play the Scotch Gambit (Part One) and the Yangster joins 8020!

Scotch_gambit (1)

Hey guys! I begin this post with some exciting news… I will now be joined on 80/20 chess by a YouTuber and friend of mine who will also be providing valuable content and instructive, plus entertaining material…Yangster, a YouTuber boasting

Sicilian Defence Examples – Beating a 2300 Player with the Najdorf on


Hey Guys, For all you Sicilian heads out there, I have a game which you will like. I played it against a 2300 player on (VERY high rated for and he played 6.Bg5 against my Sicilian Defence, Najdorf

From Beginner to 800 JCL (Part 3/8)

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And welcome back to part 3 of my 8 part series on my chess journey Previously I showed you an encounter with one of the top juniors in NSW in an interschool competition where I played some good chess but

Chess during the School Term


Hey everybody and welcome back again! School has just started for many students again, and as we all know this means homework and less time to play chess   So I’ve decided to take a break from my eight part

How to Beat A Chess Master…Twice! (Part 1)

Hey Guys, The other day I was playing on ICC and miraculously got the same French FIDE Master twice in a row and both games with white. In both games I won easily and I decided to show you and

From Beginner to 800 JCL (Part 2/8)

Hey guys! Welcome back to part 2 of my chess journey. As from the previous post  I have shown you a disappointing loss and now a few months have passed since then. Refusing to give up, I’ve been training, studying

From Beginner to 800 JCL (Part 1/8)

Hey guys! As promised this will indeed be part 1 of my 8 part series featuring my journey from a beginner to a strong junior. Okay shall we rewind to the end of 2007?….. Almost one year has gone by

Missed a mate in one? Don’t worry so did Ivanchuk!

Hey guys! I know that sometimes we overlook an OBVIOUS move and after the game kick ourselves, curse, shout etc, but there are countless examples of even strong players missing blatantly obvious moves as well. Like the well known story