Let us now consider briefly the basics of reward management. What is a reward a reward may be anything tangible or intangible that an organisation provides to its employees either intentionally or unintentionally in exchange for the employees potential or actual work contribution and to which employees as individuals attach a positive value as a satisfier of certain self-defined needs. On this definition rewards can be seen as including not only financial rewards i.e. pay remuneration or compensation but also rewards of a beneficial non-financial nature. Such a broad definition means Read more

Achieving your taste goal

                Taste as an aesthetic relationship do you think it is the part of a philosopher to be concerned with such so-called pleasures as those of food and drink —socrates               For me there is no radical distinction between the grand discourse on the task with all its dignity and the reasons for wanting to go out to dinner with someone. They are not homogeneous questions but i would not mark out a true opposition. A taste for the secret the project this essay stems from a Read more

Social Skill

                 There may be no observation about communication skills that is more fundamental and more far-reaching in its implications than that they are developed and refined over time through implementation. Communication skills do not appear instantaneously fully developed and ready to be applied in persuading comforting or understanding others. The novice public speaker interviewer therapist or negotiator is unlikely to be as polished or as successful as one who has a wealth of experience in such activities. The general idea that communication skills develop gradually through use is widely recognized and accepted so Read more

Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal Defined    Performance appraisal provides a periodic review and evaluation of an individual’s job performance. Although the appraisal forms may only be completed once a year, the job of performance appraisal is continuous – sometimes daily – and requires effective communication on both the part of the supervisor and the employee.  The supervisor is ultimately responsible to make sure these conversations actually take place and are documented. It is essential that the supervisor hold all performance discussions and documentation in complete confidence.  One employee’s performance should never be discussed with another employee.   This action is one of the best ways for a supervisor to lose the trust Read more

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

                This condition is caused by highly repetitive work in extreme positions, in combination with high force development. The median nerve, which runs through the space in the wrist called the carpal tunnel, gets pinched due to increased pressure. This leads to numbness, tingling, decreased function and weakness in the area around the nerve, and the fingers that are affected by the median nerve (the thumb and three middle fingers). Similar symptoms can be had for radial and ulnar nerves. Treatment of CTS depends on the severity, but non- surgical treatment usually includes Read more


                 What is music its ? what comes out of the speakers when we play a cd on our stereo. Its what we hear on the radio. Music is singers singing and musicians playing. music is a sound that we enjoy hearing. iIs this a proper answer to the question what is music if i asked what is a car you could answer by pointing at a large object moving up the street and saying its one of those. But this may not be a satisfactory answer. A full explanation of what a car is would mention petrol internal combustion engines Read more


          What do we see when we see dance what do we feel when we dance who are we when we are part of an enactment of dance the phenomenon of dance brings to the fore key ideas about the nature of human meaning-making the role of our fundamentally corporeal actions in the world and the foundational aspects of our experiences. Dance i contend holds immense promise as an object for study as well as a subject of study that is a source of insight in itself shedding light on life movement and meaning. In investigating Read more


What entertains a given individual is inescapably subjective, a matter of. One might paraphrase Berelson: some kinds of communication, under some kinds of conditions, will entertain some kinds of people .  Some scholars contend that empathy can signal the presence of entertainment. Bosshart and Macconi suggest that entertainment requires one “to identify himself or herself with fictional persons and actions”. Similarly, Oliver explores tragedy and other somber forms of entertainment, and concludes that enjoyment of them correlates with what she terms “tender affective states,” which are “associated with feelings of sympathy, warmth, kindness, and understanding” . Zillmann proposes an Affective Read more


          A number of factors have contributed to employer provision of non-mandatory benefits such as health insurance and pension plans. These include self interest of the decision makers union bargaining tax advantages provided to companies by the federalgovernment for offering certain bene ts the need to be competitive and retain employees and union avoidance. The logic underlying employer strategies to voluntarily provide benefits suggests that benefit to offering share associated with employee benefit satisfaction which in turn is associated with attitudes and behaviors that serve the employers interests harris fink 1994 the implied process based on social exchange Read more


The opportunity for an MBO/MBI may arise in a number of ways. A group may decide to sell a business because it has become non-core. A company may find itself in difficulties and need to sell all or part of the business. The owner of a private company wishes to retire. A receiver or administrator may sell a business as a going concern. A board may elect to leave the public arena (P2P). Changes in a management team, or a venture capitalist’s desire to exit, may generate a secondary MBO/MBI. As explained earlier, the main source of MBOs/MBIs is private Read more