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The Technological Environment


 The effect of modern technology are pervasive-both in business and in self behavior. In many part whole generation modern technology skipped over. For example many people go straight to a digital phone without ever having had their houses wired under the analog system. Even in a remote village such as in barrio, malasya –still lacking many traditional roads an-information highway is underway.

 Advanced technology information well as other factors that are opening up borders- the opening of the berlin wall netscape workflow outsourcing, offshoring, open-sourcing, insourcing, supply-chaining in-forming- have converget to create a more level playing field. The result of this convergence was the creation of a global web-enabled playing field that allows for multiple forms of collaboration-the sharring of knowledge and work-in real time without regard to geography distance or in the near future even language. now we are in a global information society it is cler that corporation must incorporate into their strategic planning and in their everyday operation are accelerating macro-environmental phenomenon of technoglobalism-in which the rapid developments in information and communication technology are properlling globalization and vice versa. 

Global prodution network lead by information technnologi corporation which result as a global value ad-chain in different countries. It may compreses part with sametypeof firm or it comprise supplier customer. Development of technologi are facilitating indeed necesitaing the network firm structure that allows flexibility and rapid reponse to local needs. Clearly the effet of technology on global trade and business transactions the world. The ease of use and pervasiveness of the internet raise difficult questions about ownership of inteletual property consumer protection. Resident loation taxation and other isues.

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