Its time to ergonomis

               People are one of industrys most important resources. In todays industrial operations people perform physical tasks of assembling and handling materials as well as sensory and cognitive tasks such as inspecting components issuing tools entering data and managing people and operations. simply put it takes people to make products and provide services. People are also prospective customers. If manufactured products meet the needs and desires of customers at a reasonable price customers will buy them. In fact the more attractive these products are and the more competitive the price the greater the sales Read more

Food combined

                     Beforehand, there was an old saying, “you are what you eat”. Nowadays, it may sound very cliché but as a matter of fact, food has brought a significant impact for human’s civilization throughout millennia. This significance is proven by the comparison between existence of Homo habilis – Handy Man, the first skilled human 2.3 – 1.4 million years ago and Homo sapiens – us, Modern Human. Throughout these human evolution phases are shown that human’s organs remain the same with the exception on brain’s volume improvement.                    Read more

Food Supplement

                 Still, it’s important not to overplay the benefit that PHS II found for preventing cancer. “The effect in this study is relatively small,” Dr. Kormos says. Rather than relying on supplements, it’s a better to obtain nutrients from food, which contains a variety of healthful ingredients.  Fruits and vegetables contain many biologically active ingredients that may help to prevent cancer in ways that vitamins and minerals alone do not. “A healthy diet still seems superior to taking a multivitamin, and ifyou already eat a healthy diet, there may be less overall benefit from taking the Read more

Mental Health

         The border separating general ennui from clinical mental-health problems is especially challenging to managers in 21st century workplaces, seeing as it requires them to ask personal questions on matters that they are largely unqualified to deal with.      In early 2017, a Financial Times columnist asked,  1. “Why are we unhappy [at work] when we have gyms and free foods?” 2. She also suggested that “people with university degrees tend to dislike their jobs more than people without them. Hence, as more people have degrees, unhappiness rises.” 3. Because most adults spend at least one Read more

Measuring posture

                         How, then, can we determine if a posture in itself is harmful? A good rule of thumb is that if a posture is held near the outer range of motion, it is probably not a good position for taking on external forces. For many ergonomics evaluation methods, posture is defined in terms of joint angles between body segments. A “neutral” posture is considered the least amount of loading, and resembles a relaxed, standing, symmetrical body position with the arms hanging along the sides of the body .   Read more