Professionalism Skills for Workplace Success

Professionalism Skills for Workplace Success continues to remain committed to its original purpose of addressing employer concerns by providing those new to the workplace with basic skills for success on the job and providing job seekers the tools they need to secure the job of their dreams.

This unique text prepares students for their first professional workplace experience By linking an individual’s life plan to behavior necessary for workplace success.

The text content is applicable to any individual who will be transitioning from The classroom to the work environment.

While economics and technology continued to be the primary influence for revisions in this fourth edition, the authors also strived for a broader reach by addressing contemporary workplace issues and providing examples for careers that occur inside and outside a traditional office setting. Our world continues to struggle with challenging economics and historic unemployment rates. Therefore, it is imperative that job seekers and those new to the workplace not  only demonstrate, but exceed expectations regarding business etiquette, appropriate technology use, and proper workplace attire. Students also need to understand  how these expectations differ from personal social situations. In today’s increasingly competitive work environment, it is essential that students communicate in a professional manner, maturely deal with conflict, and be accountable team members, consistently behaving in a fair and ethical manner.

This continues to address these issues by providing readers with realistic, current, and practical skills necessary to maintain success on the job.

Professionalism Skills for Workplace Success, fourth edition, extends beyond a typical student success or résumé/job search text. The foundation of this text assists students in creating a life plan that addresses short- and long-term personal, professional/career, and financial goals. The text then provides students practical skills and challenges to immediately begin implementing behaviors that support their life plan, with a primary emphasis on professional/career behaviors.

The end of each chapter provides activities that promote student success and relates chapter content back to a student’s life plan. Text content seamlessly Emphasizes the relationship between job search/résumé development and human relations in the workplace. This fourth edition continues to integrate input from industry leaders, and addresses timely and critical topics students need to know when transitioning from campus to career. Presented in A simple, highly interactive format, this fourth-edition text assists individuals.

In understanding the foundation of effective workplace relationships and how to appropriately manage these relationships toward career success. Beginning with the basic management principle that individual workplace performance affects organizational success and profitability readers are able to integrate soft skills within the framework of a formal business structure. The topics and principles presented benefit individuals in any industry and career. Utilizing Topic Situations embedded in each chapter, students gain valuable insights from real workplace dilemmas presented as mini–case studies. Each Topic Situation is followed by a Topic Response that poses questions on how best to handle these.

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