Food combined

                     Beforehand, there was an old saying, “you are what you eat”. Nowadays, it may sound very cliché but as a matter of fact, food has brought a significant impact for human’s civilization throughout millennia. This significance is proven by the comparison between existence of Homo habilis – Handy Man, the first skilled human 2.3 – 1.4 million years ago and Homo sapiens – us, Modern Human. Throughout these human evolution phases are shown that human’s organs remain the same with the exception on brain’s volume improvement.                    Read more


                 What is music its ? what comes out of the speakers when we play a cd on our stereo. Its what we hear on the radio. Music is singers singing and musicians playing. music is a sound that we enjoy hearing. iIs this a proper answer to the question what is music if i asked what is a car you could answer by pointing at a large object moving up the street and saying its one of those. But this may not be a satisfactory answer. A full explanation of what a car is would mention petrol internal combustion engines Read more


          What do we see when we see dance what do we feel when we dance who are we when we are part of an enactment of dance the phenomenon of dance brings to the fore key ideas about the nature of human meaning-making the role of our fundamentally corporeal actions in the world and the foundational aspects of our experiences. Dance i contend holds immense promise as an object for study as well as a subject of study that is a source of insight in itself shedding light on life movement and meaning. In investigating Read more


                The dietary requirement for a micronutrient is defined as an intake level which meets a specified criteria for adequacy, thereby minimizing risk of nutrient deficit or excess. These criteria cover a gradient of biological effects related to a range of nutrient intakes which, at the extremes, include the intake required to prevent death associated with nutrient deficit or excess. However, for nutrients where insufficient data on mortality are available, which is the case for most micronutrients discussed in this report, other biological responses must Be defined. These include clinical disease as determined by Read more