From a physical point of view, having a basic understanding of the human body’s strengths, abilities, and limitations is an important basis for making well thought-out tweaks to the design of the workplace, in order to build work systems that are not a risk to huma health or performance. Knowing how your muscles, bones and joints work may seem like a far cry from your engineering work, but it will significantly help your understanding in later  chapters where physical loading and methods of ergonomics evaluation are  discussed. Another thing Read more

Different engineering roles act on different types of knowledge

                    Engineers may end up playing a variety of different (sometimes overlapping) roles in their professional career. Each with their distinct scope, system level and operational concerns – some switch between several of these throughout their working life, depending on how specialized their working role is and at what system level they are. Expected to address problem solving. For example, an engineer may act on a specialized, operative level with responsibility for a single  production line, which would require specific methods and  knowledge to optimize for human well-being and performance.   Read more

What is ergonomics/human factors?

                  For many people, the word ergonomic is associated primarily with comfy office chairs, the correct labeled “ergonomic”, like kitchenware, backpacks or gardening tools. The word itself comes from the Greek roots ergon (work)and nomos (laws)androughlytranslatesto“th scienceofwork”,focusingonhumanactivity. The purpose of production ergonomics               It can be assumed that anyone in charge of a production system would want all of its sub-components to function together with as much ease and efficiency as possible. When part of that production system is human, the performance of the system as Read more

Basic Anatomy and Physiology

             Our ability to work – in any way – is completely dependent on our physical health. When we feel unease, discomfort, pain or numbness, we may be able to ignore the body’s warning signals and still perform work, but the body will perform slower; with less power, quality and precision; with more errors; and at worst, resulting in serious accidents. A very real problem that is faced by all productio industry is when the limit has been passed for what a human body can tolerate, resulting in a worke needing to go on sick Read more

The Technological Environment

              The effect of modern technology are pervasive-both in business and in self behavior. In many part whole generation modern technology skipped over. For example many people go straight to a digital phone without ever having had their houses wired under the analog system. Even in a remote village such as in barrio, malasya –still lacking many traditional roads an-information highway is underway.               Advanced technology information well as other factors that are opening up borders- the opening of the berlin wall netscape workflow outsourcing, offshoring, open-sourcing, insourcing, Read more


                 What is music its ? what comes out of the speakers when we play a cd on our stereo. Its what we hear on the radio. Music is singers singing and musicians playing. music is a sound that we enjoy hearing. iIs this a proper answer to the question what is music if i asked what is a car you could answer by pointing at a large object moving up the street and saying its one of those. But this may not be a satisfactory answer. A full explanation of what a car is would mention petrol internal combustion engines Read more


          What do we see when we see dance what do we feel when we dance who are we when we are part of an enactment of dance the phenomenon of dance brings to the fore key ideas about the nature of human meaning-making the role of our fundamentally corporeal actions in the world and the foundational aspects of our experiences. Dance i contend holds immense promise as an object for study as well as a subject of study that is a source of insight in itself shedding light on life movement and meaning. In investigating Read more


              During manufacturing management trainee training trainees rotate from department to department to learn every production process and auxiliary support function with the ultimate goal of being able to manage the technological processes and lead the people who do the work. Analysis and synthesis of how and why specific jobs helped to support production goals was essential before assignment of trainees to official management positions. The concept of pt originated over the first four years of production experiences within the textile industry and further honed during additional years in the textile industry healthcare and Read more


                      One of the best ways ive found to teach people about the components of a philosophy lean in particular is to compare the basic elements of that philosophy to something familiar to everyone like the structural elements of a house—a foundation the floor two pillars and the rooF. Unlike a real house it seems to work better if we describe this one by building it from the top down instead of from the bottom up. In the leadersights or vigorous learning philosophy customer satisfaction serves as the roof providing Read more